This document forms a legally binding agreement between you, a person who decides to join Toronto Business Casual Inc., and Toronto Business Casual Inc. The term "club" hereinafter will be used to refer to Toronto Business Casual Inc., Toronto Business Casual, TBC, and www.torontobusinesscasual.com.  The term "event" or "events" will refer hereinafter to your voluntary participation in any Toronto Business Casual activities.


Photographs may be taken at club events and posted on our website. You are aware that no compensation will be made for the use of your photo for such purposes. Your photograph will not be used for any printed media advertisements without prior approval from you. If you see a photograph of yourself which you object to, please contact the club president and the photo will be removed from our website.


This web site, and any other items or content on the web site are the sole property of Toronto Business Casual and may not be duplicated for any purpose(s). You may not post, distribute, or reproduce in any way any material or other proprietary information of Toronto Business Casual without obtaining the prior written consent of Toronto Business Casual; including it's legal corporation name, Toronto Business Casual, and/or Toronto Business Casual Inc. Any evidence as such will result in a breach of copyright law, resulting in a monetary fine and penalty as deemed suitable by the Ontario provincial court of law.

The agreement shall begin when you partake in any of the services of Toronto Business Casual. Using the service constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, you will not be able to register as a member of this club.The term of membership with Toronto Business Casual is one year from the date the application form is completed and submitted. Membership and event fees are non-refundable. Toronto Business Casual Terms of Use are subject to change at any time. Your continued use of this service constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms of Use. Notice will be given by updates to our web site, e-mail or other means.

We at Toronto Business Casual cannot guarantee the authenticity of any member's profile. It is the member's responsibility to check the accuracy of any information given by you when filling out the club application form, or when presenting oneself to club members. It is the duty of Toronto Business Casual members to report any member who is falsifying personal information to the club president immediately.Toronto Business Casual may conduct random verification of profile information provided in your application form. Any false information knowingly provided will result in dismissal from club membership without refund.


Emails provided through your registration as a member or through the "Email Subscribe" page will be included on the Toronto Business Casual distribution list. This will be used to send periodic newsletters regarding Toronto Business Casual. The information you provide will not be shared with any third party without your permission. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

Toronto Business Casual is not responsible for any personal injury or property damage inflicted by Toronto Business Casual members or their guests at Toronto Business Casual events.Toronto Business Casual is not responsible for any personal lost or stolen articles or items during your attendance at club events. There is no guarantee of the number, quality or pricing of events provided during your term of membership. Members and non-members are expected to arrive to Toronto Business Casual events on time. Please note Toronto Business Casual will not refund or compensate guests for events, if late arrival occurs.

Toronto Business Casual reserves the right to suspend or terminate your membership at any time without notice, on the ground that you breach the rules outlined herein at our discretion. Termination of your membership is included but not limited to falsifying personal information on your application form, breach of club rules by you, solicitation or harassment of other club members, inappropriate sexual and or criminal behavior at club events, and drinking to the point of intoxication. We are not obliged to give a reason for your termination, or for removing guests from events at our discression. 

Both individual event fees and yearly membership dues are nonrefundable. You may sell your space to another club member if you are unable to attend the event once your payment is made. All of our events are pre-paid directly on the website. In order to secure your spot at a Toronto Business Casual event, please pay for events by the stipulated payment deadline. Payments received after the payment deadlines will not be accepted.

Toronto Business Casual club events may be held at various licensed establishments. Members are expected to drink responsibly at all times. You agree not to operate a motorized vehicle under the influence of alcohol.


Toronto Business Casual provides this service "as-is" without warranty of any kind for a particular purpose. These terms extent to any third parties.  Due to the nature of internet service, the club does not offer any guarantee of uninterrupted service.

In no event will Toronto Business Casual be liable to you or any third person for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages, including lost profits or funds arising from use of Toronto Business Casual services, even if Toronto Business Casual has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Toronto Business Casual will not sell any personal information to a third party without your written permission. Any data you submit to the club will be protected to the best of our ability. Due to the nature of internet technology however, the club cannot guarantee against potential security breaches.


Toronto Business Casual club members and guests will be respectful to other club members and guests when in attendance with Toronto Business Casual. You will not solicit or harass others when in attendance with Toronto Business Casual. You will not cause damage to the interior or exterior of a chosen Toronto Business Casual club venue, and if any damages are incurred you are solely responsible to the costs of such damages. If you are found to pose a safety threat to any club attendee Toronto Business Casual reserves the right to remove you immediately from the club event without explanation. You agree not to engage in any illegal substance or display abusive or aggressive behavior to others when at Toronto Business Casual events.  You understand that any reports of such will result in your ejection from the club event and from club membership immediately. As a courtesy to club organizers, please arrive to club events in a timely fashion.

Membership is open to professionals in the Greater Toronto Area.  You agree that you, as a member or non-member participating in Toronto Business Casual club activities are in your  20s, 30s or 40s.


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